Inter-Hall Council

IHC Logo

Inter-Hall Council is a student organization committed to maintaining and improving community living in our Residence Halls.

Our Mission

We are the unified voice of the Villanova residential community. By building, bridging, providing exposure, and guiding, we affect residential change. We are committed to community planning and dedicated to all hall events. Out of many Residence Halls comes one Hall Council.

Hall Council accomplishes this by:

  • Planning and implementing fun and beneficial programs based on resident input;
  • Building and promoting leadership through all hall council positions;
  • Establishing residence hall identity through personal connections.

Hall Councils

Hall Councils for the 2017-2018 Academic Year will form in the Fall semester. Please visit this page for more information on the application process in September. If you are interested in joining your Hall Council or would like more information about a specific Hall Council, please email

IHC Executive Board


President- Shivani Vora

Vice President- Carter Douglas

Chief of Hall Councils- Taylor Lindenmuth

Secretary- Charlotte Smith

Advertising - Ava Roberts

Social Media- Amanda Noonan

Internal Development- Lilly Sullivan

Treasurer- Courtney Schonewolf

Programming Coordinator- Jimmy Lorenz

Programming Coordinator- Allison Wynne

Senior Rep- Colin Gurt