IGR One-Credit Course Application


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Please complete this form to apply for SPRING 2018 IGR Courses.

If a Professor, type his/her Name:

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How do you identify racially or ethnically?

How do you identify in terms of gender?

How do you identify in terms of religion, faith, spirituality?

How would you describe your socio-economic/class background?

How do you identify in terms of sexual orientation?

How do you identify in terms of ability?

Why are you interested in the Intergroup Relations (IGR)?

Have you had any previous experience with social justice projects, classes or dialogues about difference?

If YES, please explain:

Will you commit to open, respectful engagement in dialogue?

This is a serious one credit course. Students are expected to attend  class for all 14-15 hours and complete each assignment on  time. Can you commit?

Have you already taken one or more IGR courses?

If so, which topics?

Are you bundling 3 IGR Courses to meet the Diversity Requirement in CLAS?

Are you bundling 3 IGR Courses for a free elective?

Do you plan to take 2 IGR classes this semester? 


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