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The Christian Science Monitor
Race and the beauty counter: What a greater selection of hues says about culture
Shauna MacDonald, PhD (Communication)

Democrats claim open seats in notorious Republican strongholds
Matt Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

KQED – San Francisco Public Radio
What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘White Working Class’
Kathleen Grimes, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

Fast Company
“This Is Why We Default To Criticism (And How To Change)”
Katina Sawyer, PhD (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

"U.S. Republican tax plan may mean slightly less grand sports stadiums"
Rick Eckstein, PhD (Criminology and Sociology)

Sputnik News
"Divisions Within the Vatican Threaten Catholic Unity?"
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

France 24
"The security of France: Has the state of emergency become permanent?"
Gabriel Rockhill, PhD (Philosophy)

The Conversation
"In scandal after scandal, NCAA takes fall for complicit colleges"
Rick Eckstein, PhD (Criminology and Sociology)
(Also featured in the LA Times)

"Historians say John Kelly has the Civil War wrong"
Judith Giesberg, PhD (History)

"2017’s Best Small Cities in America"
Craig Wheeland, PhD (Public Administration)

"Laura Ingraham, Shannon Bream Kick Off Post-O’Reilly Era at Fox News"
Shauna MacDonald, PhD (Communication)

The Conversation
"How companies can learn to root out sexual harassment"
Katina Sawyer, PhD and Christian Thoroughgood, PhD (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
(Also featured in LA Times and more than 15 other outlets nationwide)

"Brian Williams Opens Up About Regaining Viewers’ Trust After Scandal"
Leonard Shyles, PhD (Communication)

The Daily Journal
"Where not to build"
Stephen Strader, PhD (Geography and the Environment)

"This World Series Just Might Have The Two Best Teams, For Once"
Jesse Fray, PhD (Mathematics and Statistics)

The San Francisco Chronicle
"San Bruno explosion hangs over PG&E amid wildfire investigation"
Derek Arnold, MA (Communication)

Foreign Policy
Western Sanctions Are Shrinking Russia’s Population
Mark Lawrence Schrad, PhD (Political Science)

NBC10 Philadelphia
Delaware County businessman accused of being African war criminal ‘jungle jabbah’ found guilty in immigration case
Maghan Keita, PhD (History)

Tonight’s the Best Times to See Uranus With the Naked Eye
Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy)

Astronomy Magazine
LIGO Detects a Neutron Star Merger
Amber Stuver, PhD (Physics)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Cracking the mystery of where gold came from
Amber Stuver, PhD (Physics)

Christian Science Monitor
NFL owners to meet, with racial divide on the agenda
Glenn Bracey, PhD (Criminology and Sociology)

USA Today
Pope Francis is reshaping what it means to be ‘pro-life’
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
In consequential week, Trump uses pen to shape immigration, health care, Iran deal
Matthew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)


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